Sunday, 17 May 2009

Jonny's Passion

My friend Jonny in red giving his best in a boxing match in London. It was an amazing night and a great position at ring side to be in for photos, even if it was a little scary with boxers beating the crap out of each other a few feet in front of me.

Kid Cudi

Mr Kid Cudi himself.

Waiting for the Show to Begin

Make up artist being made up

Some more photos from Kid Cudi

Lennox Living

This photo was taken on the set of the Kid Cudi - Day & Night Music Video. Director Lee Lennox (pictured on right with hat) was discussing a shot they were about to take. The thing I love about Mr Lennox, and his brother Wayne, is the fact that they never seem to run out of charge. Always working, always coming up with new ideas or ways to make old ideas better. They're positive and happy and you can see this in their faces when they're working. Another thing i love about them is the fact that they are always concerned about everyone else on the set, "How ya doing?", "Everything cool?", "Sure you're ok? Can I get you anything?" and my personal favourite..."You alright girlie!" Are said so many times on a shoot with the Lennox Bros. There is no way you cannot feel wanted. Lee didn't know I was taking this photo, the fact that he throws himself into his work so much makes it a lot easier for me to catch him being himself on set. I also like the involvement of the other people in this shot, such as the make up artist in the background listening in so as to be there when checks are needed and other members of the crew all taking in what Lee is saying because at the end of the day I can see in my photo that every single person on that set wants to do their absolute best in their area of expertise and every one of them are needed just as much as the next.

Monday, 23 March 2009

This is my logo, the idea behind it came from wanting to focus on photographing people and also having a logo that was easy to remember after looking at it once.